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The Latino Health Innovation Alliance (LHIA)

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Purpose, Mission, Vision, Values

The Latino Health Innovation Alliance (LHIA)

The Latino/a Health Innovation Alliance (LHIA) exists to confront the pervasive health inequities across the country by empowering communities of color, promoting health equity, championing social justice, and increasing representation at all levels of leadership within our rapidly evolving, technology-driven healthcare system.


LHIA is committed to building a healthcare system that is both inclusive and equitable, fostering innovation and cultivating a diverse network of professionals who will challenge disparities and ensure that future advancements in healthcare benefit us all. Our mission is not merely to intervene, but to blaze a trail of representation in the healthcare of tomorrow, to champion the cause of health equity and a relentless charge towards the advancement of social justice.


Our mission is not merely to intervene, but to blaze a trail of representation in the healthcare of tomorrow, to champion policies  that foster accountability health equity, and a relentless charge towards the advancement of social justice.


Our vision is to create a future where Latino communities thrive, with equitable access to high-quality healthcare and innovative health solutions driven by a future-ready healthcare workforce that reflects the diversity of the communities it serves. We aim to eliminate health disparities and promote social justice by cultivating inclusive leadership, fostering collaboration, and inspiring the next generation of healthcare innovators to build a healthier and more equitable society for all.


Our purpose is anchored in four essential principles:

  • Ensuring equitable access to healthcare and healthy environments through increased funding for community health programs and stronger regulations to protect our air and water.
  • Cultivating a diverse,future-ready workforce.
  • Supporting innovators from underrepresented communities to facilitate the development of tailored healthcare solutions for underserved populations
  • Championing policies and embedding research with standards for best practices and ensuring that new approaches are turned into affordable health technologies and evidence-informed policies that improve trust and foster health equity.
  • Standards Development: Develop and establish standards using The Inclusi√≥n SCORECARD for Latino/a Population Health, designed to assess, monitor, and identify gaps in the inclusivity and equity of healthcare systems, policies, and programs for our communities.
  • Health technology assessment: provide a formal, systematic, and transparent multidisciplinary process to help ensure relevance, affordability, effectiveness, affordability, and appropriateness in addressing health disparities.


Our values are the compass guiding our decisions, actions, and interactions at the Latino/a Health Innovation Alliance. These include:

  • Inclusi√≥n/Inclusion: Valuing diversity and cultivating a culture of belonging where all voices are heard and respected.
  • Integridad/Integrity: Maintaining the highest standards of ethics, transparency, and accountability in our actions and exchange and strengthening the mechanisms of accountability that patients, community members, and the broader public can use to hold healthcare institutions and leaders accountable to advancing health equity.
  • Innovaci√≥n/Innovation: Seeking innovative approaches, ideas, and technologies to tackle the unique health challenges Latino/a communities face.
  • Colaboraci√≥n/Collaboration: Building robust partnerships with stakeholders, community organizations, and industry leaders to maximize impact and drive positive transformation.
  • Empoderamiento/Empowerment: Equipping our communities with the resources, knowledge, and opportunities to reach their full health and well-being potential.
  • Equidad/Equality: Advocating for fair access to resources, mentorship, education, and opportunities, dismantling barriers, and empowering diverse healthcare professionals and innovators.
  • Confianza/Trust: Nurturing strong relationships with stakeholders, fostering connections, and sharing knowledge to support our mission.

Partnership and Support  

Our work is made possible by the generosity of individuals, organizations, and communities who share our vision and support our mission. Collaboration and mutual support are crucial in driving change and creating a more equitable healthcare system.

Join Us  

As we continue our journey towards an inclusive and equitable healthcare system, we warmly invite anyone who resonates with our vision. Together, we can challenge disparities, empower communities, and revolutionize healthcare for future generations. The time for change is now, and your active involvement and support are indispensable in making this vision a reality.

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To learn more, get involved, or offer your support, please email us at hola@latinohealthinnovation.org. You can stay connected and updated on our initiatives and events by following us on our social media channels and joining our online slack community.

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