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Combatting the low vaccination rate of Hispanics in Winnebago County

By October 11, 2021COVID-19

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) – According to Bloomberg, the COVID-19 vaccination rate among Hispanics sits at 45% in Illinois, but the reason behind this low number isn’t just due to misinformation.

Winnebago County Public Health Administrator Dr. Sandra Martell says the Hispanic community has been at a disadvantage from the beginning because of the ways the vaccine was distributed to the public.

The average age among the county’s Hispanic population is relatively low…meaning they were some of the last people to get access to the vaccine.

But as the shot becomes more accessible, and as children and young people become more eligible, Dr. Martell says we could see an uptick in this rate.

“It always gives us an opportunity we call it sweeping the sand. We bring in the new group and then catch up some that may have been hesitant before. But now maybe they have to bring in their or are thinking about bringing their 6-year-old in and it’s time for them to consider being vaccinated as well.”

Pfizer and Moderna plan to roll out their vaccines to children between five and eleven, which means we could see a rise in rate for these parents as well.

To find out more about vaccine registration Martell encourages people to go to the Winnebago county health department’s website.

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