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Hispanic mother from Pennsylvania is reunited with her family after more than seven months hospitalized for COVID-19 – CVBJ

By November 30, 2021COVID-19

During his hospitalization, Fuentes contracted severe pneumonia and suffered from pulmonary insufficiency.

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Surrounded by smiles and applause, the Hispanic Marissa Fuentes was able to receive a second chance at life upon discharge from a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania hospital, after one arduous battle against COVID-19 that lasted seven and a half months.

Precisely on Thanksgiving Fuentes, who lived uphill situations due to the ravages of the pandemic virus, was finally able to reunite with his family.

The Hispanic woman contracted COVID-19 in April, And in the process, she had to undergo an emergency cesarean section to deliver her son Enzo, who was born at 32 weeks, ABC7 reported.

Later Fuentes contracted severe pneumonia, suffered from lung failure and was put on an ECMO machine for five and a half months, which is a ventilation equipment to do respiratory function and clean the blood due to lung failures.

“I am not only grateful for my children and my husband every day, but especially today for being with them.Sources told 6ABC after the miraculous recovery.

The care Fuentes received was given in various hospitals in Pennsylvania, and when she was treated at Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital, she made it a priority to see her children again.

“I told Bryn Mawr Rehab that I was very determined to get home for the holidays, so they made it happen and pushed me every day so that I could get stronger and get home in time for Thanksgiving“Declared Fuentes.

Meanwhile, Adrián Fuentes, who is Marissa’s husband, had to stay strong at home while his wife fought for her life.

“It is surreal. For seven months and five days, only the children and I were here“Adrián expressed. “And it was a lonely feeling every day. It was horrible to come home every day and not have Marissa here. “

The Thanksgiving celebration had a special tint for the Fuentes family, since it was the first in which the family could be complete, before the arrival of little Enzo.

Living the best life with my children and being home with them means a lot“, Pointed Fuentes.

Although he was able to defeat COVID-19, Fuentes still remains on oxygen and will have to face a long recovery, but with his family.

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