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The Latino Coalition Against COVID-19

Building Health Equity In Latinx Communities


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Information about COVID-19 vaccines in the Latinx community with videos featuring doctors, nurses and promotoras (community health workers) in English and Spanish.


In Partnership with SaludConTech: A Message From Latinx Physicians In Support of The COVID-19 Vaccines.

#Sobrevivientes de COVID-19

Marƭa Cristina Ruiz tiene 26 aƱos y es una joven sobreviviente del COVID-19.

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The Digital CompaƱero Program

The Digital CompaƱero Program, a project of The Latino Coalition Against COVID-19, is a unique opportunity to use your experience and skills to address one of the most significant problems facing our communities right now; digital exclusion, isolation, and the inability to signup for vaccines.

We're Looking For Volunteers

We are looking for computer saavy volunteers to help elderly Latin@s and immigrants with low digital literacy skills get online so they can receive the many benefits of being digitally connected in addition to making an appointment online to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

With Your Help We Can Get More Latinx Vaccinated

Minority communities that lack internet access and the necessary digital literacy skills have been left behind in the telehealth boom and the race to sign up for COVID-19 vaccines. We are concerned that even as vaccinations are being offered in these communities, those at the most significant risk for COVID-19 may not obtain appointments without help. Research suggests that lack of internet access may be an important reason why minorities are being skipped in the vaccination process and for the 13 million older adults in the U.S. who live alone, asking for help may not be an option.

We know the essential advantages that being digitally connected can provide. It is a critical link to social contacts, health information/services, financial management, and government assistance. With over 70 percent of the population, 18-59, online at home, many necessary life activities have come to be mediated through technology; shopping, communicating, personal finance, even exercise. Technology may have become second nature for many people, but its ubiquity only underscores the disadvantage experienced by those who remain offline. Accessing the internet something optional, it is an essential service.


It doesn’t have to be this way ā€“ and all of us who are interested in improving our community has a role in tackling this issue. With your help, we can provide learning and training opportunities for those in need, allowing them to fully participate in the workplace and the broader community.

Let’s get connected. Please sign up and join The Digital CompaƱero Program today!

Join Us In Building Trust & Equitable Vaccine Access To COVID-19 Vaccines

Digital literacy and internet access are no longer optional during a pandemic; they are a necessity. These are 21st century civil rights issues.

Gloria AnzaldĆŗa

Society always needs a level playing field. In order to do that, you have to have opportunity, and providing that opportunity begins with 'how do we bridge the Digital Divide? How can we get internet into every home possible?

Juan Felipe Herrera

Communities also need to be integral to the planning effort, what I think would work does not matter. I am not from the community.

Berta CƔceres

Only by spending lots of time talking with people, is it possible to figure out what will work. What kind of things would work for them? How would it work for them? That is when it is successful.

Esmeralda Simmons

Digital literacy and internet access are no longer optional during a pandemic.

They are a necessity.

This is our 21st-century civil rights issue.

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