How To Use AirMeet!


A step-by-step guide to use Airmeet: For participants


What are the different supported browsers for hosts, speakers and participants?

Airmeet sessions are streamed fine in all the modern-day browsers. Considering the fact the platform comes in with a lot of exciting engagement and interaction opportunities, it is recommended that you useĀ Chrome 79+, Firefox 76+, Internet Edge and Brave.

Hereā€™s a quick list of modern-day browsers and the experience you could expect out of them:

Here you can find helpful tips and information to prepare yourself for the best virtual event.

AttendeesĀ MUSTĀ use aĀ laptop or desktopĀ and have aĀ strong internet connectionĀ to participate in the interactive capabilities of this platform.

A hard-wired, ethernet connection works best. We recommend using a laptop or desktop with aĀ camera and microphoneĀ for the best experience.

Airmeet also has Apps for iPhone and Android users,Ā  however, at this time, it does not give you the full interactive capabilities and you will not be able to join the Social Lounge.


  • You must also use the latest version ofĀ Google ChromeĀ as your web browser to participate.
  • For a general overview of the conference platform please,click here.
  • For step-by-step instructions on how to log in and access the platform please,click here.
  • For a detailed overview of the attendee controls within the platform please,Ā click here.
  • Airmeet is currently available in 5 different languages, you may change the display language according to your preference. To learn how click here.
  • If you are having troubles accessing the platform please check your firewall/VPN access settings.
  • Click here for instructions on how to check these settings.
  • Make sure you have allowed Airmeet to access your camera and microphone, if you are having trouble click here.
  • Seeing an error message and cannot access Airmeet? Click hereto troubleshoot.