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Juntos Sí Podemos – An initiative to increase confidence in
COVID-19 vaccines and reinforce basic prevention measures.

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Join us in sharing your story and educating decision-makers about what’s happening in your community. Any person or organization can be an advocate for the social issues they care about most.

When you raise your voice, you can help to shape the ways in which our dollars are being used to make decisions in your area. Advocacy isn’t lobbying or advertising, and anyone can speak up in support of an issue or cause to help define and direct the desired outcomes they want to see in their community.

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A collection of valuable vaccine resources.


CEAL’s latest social media toolkit, which focuses on vaccine FAQ.

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The #VacunaTeYaVideo Challenge

Building Trust and Combating Misinformation In The Latinx Community

 Vaccine Finders | Buscadores de Vacunas

When we noticed the vaccine finders weren’t available in Spanish, we made them available.

Combating Vaccine Distrust in ICE Detention Facilities

Advocates Work to Combat Vaccine Distrust in ICE Detention Facilities

As people of color, we have a potent power – and a responsibility – to change events around us, not just professionally, but spiritually and politically as well.

Michelle Herrera MulliganWriter And Editor

Every moment is an organizing opportunity, every person a potential activist, every minute a chance to change the world.

Dolores HuertaDolores Huerta Foundation

We need to know not just racial and ethnic demographic data, but also zip codes of the people being vaccinated – there needs to be a real-time dashboard. We need to make sure that the communities who need it most – that have suffered the most – have priority to getting the vaccine

Dr Uche BlackstockFounder of Advancing Health Equity

I am Joaquin, lost in a world of confusion, caught up in the whirl of a gringo society, confused by the rules, scorned by attitudes, suppressed by manipulation, and destroyed by modern society.

Rodolfo GonzaleChicano Poet